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Making Webtrends Mobile Analytics Relevant

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"Compare Apples to Apples..."

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Webtrends is best known for their web analytics software. When they came out with an analytics offering for mobile apps and mobile sites, we wanted to inject some personality and life into the launch.

What I love most about this headline is that, in hindsight, it seems completely obvious. The software lets you compare the performance of all your apps — regardless of platform — in one place. It lets you compare mobile to web. It lets you see app usage and adoption, rather than just how many downloads.

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The “Beyond Wow” section is the sort of thing that I tend to dig up in most projects — the most obvious and plain spoken way to describe the product’s benefit. It never seems to be in the creative brief or messaging direction. It’s my inability to defend and pitch my own work that it always seems to get hidden away, moldering at the bottom of the page. Hell, given the direction that the product team has taken the mobile analytics page today, I’m shocked that the word “wow” ever made it on there at all. Boooring.

Doing my own SEO research and optimization, the page sat at No. 1 for “mobile analytics” for months. I credit the opening paragraph and H1. Keywords, I gotz ’em. Since the “enhancement,” it’s fallen to No. 3. NOT THAT I’M BITTER OR ANYTHING.

We ran some banner ads, too, which I directed more than I wrote. Killer stuff. I’ll have to dig those up — they totally slayed.

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