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Turn a Perceived Weakness Into a Strength

Posted: July 6th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: copywriting tips | No Comments »

I’d been thinking of the Avis Rent-a-Car tagline from the 60’s: “We’re No. 2, so We Try Harder.” So later, I was IM’ing with a co-worker about a campaign idea where we would take a perceived weakness of one of our products — that it’s a “black box” solution for paid search — and turn it into a strength. For example:

“It’s the sweaty socks and dudes hitting on me at the gym that I really love about working out. I mean, it’s great to look nice, but it’s really the EXPERIENCE that I’m after.”

And I pointed out that: “In advertising, it’s never bad to turn a perceived weakness into a positive… Unless your weakness is for Boy Scouts.”

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