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Ad Testing: Use Facebook CPC Instead of Polling

Posted: July 6th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: facebook, interactive marketing, management, posted via iPhone, social media | 1 Comment »

How do you test an awareness campaign with traditional and online display media? What if you ran a Facebook cost-per-click campaign that tested all your messages and offers across your demographics?

By doing minimal targeting — regions, for example. Or another variable not expected to influence results — then you could compare the percentage of impressions to the percentage of clicks to tell how varying demographics respond to your messages and offers.

In other words, instead of paying an ad testing company to poll customers, you can use Facebook to extend your campaigns for similar actionable data and yet more impressions. Ad testing can extend your campaign, rather than merely being an added cost.

It’s not the perfect solution. The biggest problem is that you’re only looking at the Facebook population, which biases your data. But since Facebook has grown so insanely fast and is becoming such a ubiquitous presence, I think it’s a decent representative sample.

Visit iStrategyLabs.com for more info on Facebook demographics

Visit iStrategyLabs.com for more info on Facebook demographics

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